The YiA-Livestock applies sustainable livestock breeding methods as the foundation for incubating livestock farm enterprises owned and operated by young persons. The YiA-Livestock has several sub-components, all of which intended to support young persons to gain insights and skills in sustainable animal husbandry practices.

The University of Ghana School of Agriculture, LIPREC, BNARI and LEVENTIS Foundation provide technical support and formal poultry management skills training to the project. Beneficiaries undergo 4-8-week intensive training at the LIPREC Training Institute.

  1. OAK and its partners have set up the Livestock Production Academy in Funko Village, near Takoradi to provide hands-on training in livestock production and business development as part of its incubator programme.

The core objectives of the YiA-Livestock are as follows:

  1. Grow eco-friendly oriented agripreneurs in livestock with potential for growth;
    2. Add value to the local poultry-for-meat sector by improving quality, productivity, shelf-life and processed variants (for example, chicken sausage, boxed chicken parts).
    3. Produce and market branded eggs through a network of retail outlets.
    4. Launch authentic Ghanaian food brands derived from meat produced by farmer co-operatives and out-growers made up of young persons, most of whom will be women.
    5. Promote made-in-Ghana food brands for all types of agricultural produce;
  2. Develop eco-friendly role models to encourage educated youth to take up agriculture
  3. Help the country wean itself off imports of basic food products that have the potential to create jobs in Ghana