Youth-in-Agribusiness (YiA) Programme: AP OAK’s answer to environmentally sustainable farming

The promotion and incubation of sustainable farming practices are AP OAK’s strategies for contributing to the prevention of the harm caused to the environment by smallholder and large-scale agriculture. Our Youth-in-Agribusiness projects are underpinned by eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices.  For us at AP OAK, sustainable agriculture should meet the needs of present as well as future generations. We seek to promote practices and incubate youth agribusinesses based on methods that are not harmful to the health of farmers nor consumers and should ultimately lead to a reduced impact on the environment. The solutions we promote are those that can offset environmental damage such as forest clearings, destruction of habitats, the negative impact of pesticides and intense carbon outputs.

The YiA is an agri-business incubation scheme that focuses on identifying young unemployed persons, particularly women and recent graduates and supporting these persons to establish and grow agribusiness enterprises based on environmentally sustainable farming practices. AP OAK supports beneficiaries of the project with the following services:

  • Land acquisition, development, allocation, and management of tenure systems
  • Development of FARM-to-TABLE agribusiness models
  • Identification, selection, formation of agribusiness units and incubator enterprises
  • Business incubation and advisory services
  • Technical support services: Seeds & Seedlings, Extension Services, Irrigation & Water, Financial Aid, Business controls & financial controls
  • Warehousing and value-add

•        Aggregation, Sales & Marketing